studio policies



To confirm any reservations on studio space your rental account setup must be completed. We require a COI (Certificate of insurance) and your completed Rental account agreement prior to booking. Once your rental account has been completed a confirmation email will be sent confirming studio reservation.


In order to reserve the studio you must have completed your rental account agreement. Please use our rental account link on the reserve page to complete your rental account agreement.


Clients wishing to have props or items dropped off prior to or picked up after their rental will be charged a $75/day holding fee. Storage space is limited.


Cancellations must be submitted to the studio manager in writing by email ([email protected]) five working days prior to the booking date. Failure to provide adequate notice may result in the loss of your rental account. All cancellations less than 48 hours in advance of your reservation will be charged a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the studio rental fee. When provided proper notice of cancellation in writing 5 days prior to booking, Hoeber Studio will reschedule your reservation for a fee of $75.00. Rescheduling is subject to availability.


You are responsible for any damage you cause to the facility, the Studio(s) assigned to you, or equipment rented from us (beyond normal wear and tear) either in our Studio or on location. We have the right to inspect the condition of the Studio(s) and all equipment rented from us from time to time and make any necessary repairs. You will be charged the full cost of repairing or replacing equipment you have damaged either at Hoeber Studio or on location. You are responsible for insuring your personal property against all risks and must deliver a certificate of liability insurance naming Hoeber Productions, LLC as an additional insured with such coverages and other conditions required by Hoeber Productions, LLC. You have the risk of loss with respect to any of your personal property either at Hoeber Studio or on location.


If a client is second in line for a studio (second-holding), they may want to “push” the first-holding client to confirm or release. Clients can only push if they have a credit card on file and have a rental account. Client will pay 100% of the reservation in advance in order to push the first holding client. Failure to confirm or release within the 24-48 hour timeframe specified by the Studio Manager results in the loss of the hold, and the studio will be made available to the second-holding customer. When a client obtains a studio through push, they must confirm, and have a completed rental account with our studio.



Alcohol as well as non-prescription / illegal drugs are prohibited. Any use of such items will result in immediate expulsion of client and clients associates / guests of Hoeber Studio premises and law authorities will be called. In the instance of a photo shoot / advertising campaign requiring alcoholic liquids to be consumed or brought on to premises, a special LIABILITY INSURANCE WAIVER is required and client will not be allowed to bring such products on Hoeber Studios premises until all insurance needs are met.
Studio hours are Monday through Saturday 8:00am – 6:00pm unless otherwise pre-arranged. Hours going beyond standard rental hours constitute overtime and are subject to overtime fees.
No GAFFER tape is to be placed on the studio floor without prior consent of Hoeber Studio and its employees.
Hoeber Studio is cleaned of all debris and garbage Upon completion of your rental, the studio will be left in the condition as received. In the instance of excessive garbage accumulation (deemed by Hoeber Studio), extra charges will result to compensate for extra garbage removal and cleaning services.
Smoking is not allowed in the building as well as any type of open flame.




Use the link below to begin filling out the rental account agreement.
Rental Account Agreement


We require a credit card on file and a copy of your driver's license (front & back). We do not charge your credit card for reservations unless requested by you. Your credit card details are encrypted and only used for deposits or incidentals.


If you carry commercial insurance you can expedite the process by requesting a certificate of insurance naming Hoeber Productions LLC as additional insured and loss payee. If you have questions about insurance requirements and need assistance please contact us, We are happy to help!